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Your Passion. Have You Found It?

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Before and After
Before and After

Never in my life have I been so passionate about something. Pretty much my whole life I have wanted & wished to help an animal rescue, foster or volunteer. I have finally stopped wishing and started doing. To be honest, I am not really sure what finally lit the fire under my rump, but I am sure glad ignited.

Recently, I have had the opportunity to become heavily involved in a rescue and it’s located right here in Milford NH about 3 minutes from my house! A-MAZ-ING!

Everything happens for a reason. I am exactly where I am suppose to be, at the time I am suppose to be here. I have the time, the means and the passion to take this to an entire new level.

My husband and I recently fostered “Cagney”, now known as Koda. Our first foster attempt and we failed. Yep, we ended up keeping him, which brings me to a total of 5 dogs living in my house. With that said, it was obvious we could not foster anymore and I was actually crushed that this happened, because I thought I couldn’t help anymore and my fire was being extinguished.

However, I so desperately wanted to DO something to still help this organization after learning about where the animals come from. But what could “I” do? Then I learned fostering was not the only way to help.

Luckily for me, they needed someone to help with marketing, social media, website stuff and they still needed volunteers to help care for the dogs during quarantine times, vet appointments, and fundraising events. So I gladly swooped in! Social media?! This is what I do for a living!

Since I have be given access to the social media, I have taken that task and I am running with it. HARD! I have also stepped up and help with vet appointments, quarantine times, and help with fundraisers and events.

My goal is to spread awareness so more people get involved, which means more help for these beautiful creatures.

The more help we get with the dogs that are sent to NH, means they find homes faster, which means we can get more dogs sent to NH. We are saving lives and giving these dogs a second chance at a beautiful life. A life that they deserve. A life everyone should have the opportunity to live. A life filled with love, peace, safety, food, water, and medical care.

Please take a moment and watch the following video. Some images may be disturbing. If you do not wish to SEE then don’t watch, however, NOT watching doesn’t make it less real. MORE people need to see exactly what is going on. MORE people need to get their heads out of the sand.

I do have to add, the images I choose for this video are actually pretty MILD compared to what I could have placed in it. Keep that in mind while you watch. Also, there is some pretty amazing footage in this video as well. :) If you have chosen to NOT watch the video please skip it and read below it – This is the script that is read during the video.

Thank you for your time.

Second Chance Animal Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in February of 2000 by our director Bonnie Lukas. We rescue, rehabilitate, and secure permanent homes for abandoned and abused dogs rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico.The island of Puerto Rico has been plagued by a severe stray animal population for many years, however, Hurricane Maria has now intensified the stray dog population to epidemic proportions.

After 140 days of no water or electricity, Second Chance continues to provide shelter, medical attention and hope to the animals that continue to be abandoned and forced to suffer on the streets.

Small, but dedicated organizations such as Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCAR) in Puerto Rico have played a significant role in saving hundreds of forgotten animals for close to 20 years. Our goal is to place each rescue into a loving home stateside.The Sato Heart Rescue of NH is a small group of dedicated individuals in the Hillsborough County area who work exclusively with the Second Chance Animal Rescue, in Villalba, Puerto Rico, to find homes for Satos. “Sato” (pronounced “saw-toe “) is Puerto Rican slang for street/stray dogs.

Adopting a rescue dog can be such a rewarding experience. If you have never rescued a dog before and are thinking about it now…here are a few things to keep in mind…Newly adopted dogs are a big “flight risk”. We have seen it many times where a NEWLY adopted dog, especially a RESCUE dog, that has been moved around from place to place, GO MISSING within the first few days of being in their new home, even if they are now living in the best place possible.

It’s no fault of the new owner, the dogs are usually just confused and unfamiliar with their new family members, their new surroundings and they may not comprehend that they are finally HOME.

Caring for a dog is a long-term commitment. These dogs can live up to 10-17 years! Which is amazing considering what some of them have had to endure already!

Some of these dogs have come from very miserable situations, one of neglect and abandonment, some thrown in dumpsters like a piece of garbage, some have endured unspeakable injuries and have festering wounds, some going weeks without treatment for disease, some have had no loving touches, no food for weeks, no clean water…the list goes on and on.

Thankfully Second Change Animal Rescue of Puerto Rico steps in and starts the process of saving as many of these beautiful souls as they can.

They get shelter, loving touches, food, water, and medical care – once well enough they get shipped stateside. Lucky for them…and us we get some amazing dogs sent to NH!

Once the pack arrives to NH, Sato Heart Recue steps up and helps these dogs transition into loving, deserving homes so that they can have a family to call their own.

Keep in mind that everything is strange and new to them.

Do not feel impatient if they don’t sleep in their brand-new bed you bought them. Yesterday they had none.

Do not be scared if they gobble up all their food or maybe even growl at you.Yesterday they had to do that in order to survive.

Do not get angry if they defecate on the floor. Yesterday it did not matter where they went. There were no boundaries.

Do not be sad if they are afraid or cower from your loving hands. Yesterday they did not have one.

Have patience with them, it’s your world but not yet theirs.

If they trust you, you will get their greatest gifts…. Loyalty, companionship and unconditional love.

Please never forget these are Saw-toe dogs and all they need is a bit of time to adjust.We promise you won’t regret the outcome. Saw-toe dogs are THE best and will be a friend and loving companion for life. There is nothing more delightful than looking into your dog’s eyes and seeing the overflowing gratitude and love.

Thank you for considering adopting a dog. To be part of their journey is an incredible feeling and it is absolutely the most rewarding experience! If you can’t adopt a dog right now, there are many other ways to help, such as fundraisers, fostering, food & dog supplies, donations, and sharing our information on your social media platforms.

Please visit our website at and be sure to Like our Facebook page!

We are always looking for volunteers to help with fostering, care and events! It costs nothing to foster. Just a few weeks of your time and a little bit of love.

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