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Whatever it takes...

Our little Lilo made it safely off the island of Puerto Rico last month, but had a terrible limp after the long journey.

A medical assessment would expose that she has a poorly fitted joint causing her pain and will require surgery. I


n addition, she will need physical therapy & supplements to provide her the quality of life she deserves.

We are fundraising for her surgery and hope that together, we can meet her medical needs.

Any size donation will help as we sadly expect her surgery to go into the thousands!

(Her assessment and medical bill is already over $800 without the surgery!)

Thank you in advance for donating and sharing.

When we rescue, we are committed to doing whatever it takes...Lilo thanks you, we thank you!

Donations can safely me made by clicking on the link below to our support team at Sato Heart Rescue in New Hampshire ~ DONATE TO LILO

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