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Adoption Process 

The first step in the adoption process is the completion and submission of an adoption application.  


Completing an application does not obligate you to adopt a dog from Sato Heart Rescue. However, filling out an application IS required to begin the review process if you are interested in a dog from Sato Heart Rescue. Thank you.

We have provided the applications in both MS Word and PDF formats.  An online form has also been provided.

For PDF and Word format, click one of the links and follow instructions below:

Adoption Application (MS Word)

Adoption Application (PDF)

Please download the Adoption Application to your computer and email it as an attachment to:

or use our convenient online form → click here

There is no application fee.  


Please be certain to complete all sections of the application including your Veterinarian’s telephone number.  


A “vet review” is a critical step in the adoption process.

Upon receipt, your application will be reviewed by the Director of Adoptions and you will be contacted to arrange a phone interview.  


Our primary objective is to find the best suitable home for each pet.  


We do not operate on a first come, first served basis.  We take pride in matching the desires of each family to the needs of each dog.  


Phone interviews, therefore, are an important phase of the process.

Once approved, a time will be arranged to meet the dog(s) that has been identified as adoptable to your family.  


If there is a match that is acceptable to the family and the rescue, the adoption can then take place at our licensed location.  


An adoption contract will be signed at that time.

Presently, we only accept cash or check.  Adoption fees are currently $450.  


The majority of the adoption fee is sent back to the Second Chance Animal Rescue, in Puerto Rico, which enables them to continue their work of rescuing animals and providing them with the proper medical care so that they may be adopted to loving families.


We do reserve the right to refuse adoption. 

Being a shelter-less rescue we have little room for error when it comes to placing a dog in a home. We try to reduce this risk by carefully matching the dog to the perfect environment for success. If your application for the adoption of a pet is not approved, we will do our best to explain the reason(s). A denial is not a rejection of you as a person; it is a refusal to place a pet in a situation that we do not feel is a good match or does not meet our policies. There are certainly no shortage of dogs that are in need of homes. We promise the right one will come into your life.

Once you adopt a pet from us, we encourage you to keep in touch! 

Join our Facebook Group we love seeing photos and hearing about updates from the families that have adopted from us. It's also a great resource area for dog owners and a great place for other dog owners to converse.

If at any point you are unable to keep your adopted pet, we ask that you please contact us immediately.

We're committed to helping our adopted pets throughout their lifetime and understand that circumstances change. We absolutely want to assist in finding your pet a new home if needed, and we do our very best to make sure our returned pets go to new homes that are a good match for them and where they'll be well cared for.  If you have questions about our adoption process, please contact us:

We Use Fi Nano

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