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Lilo's Story and Where We Are At

This beautiful girls name is Lilo. She was born in Puerto Rico and then shipped to Sato Heart Rescue here in New Hampshire where we were given the task to help her find her forever home.

She's a goofy little one and such a happy and friendly dog, however she had a noticeable limp when she arrived to us.

We thought with the travel, and then the play time in the yard she may have twisted her foot so we kept an eye on it, kept her quiet, and our vet gave us anti-inflammatories for it, but unfortunately, she did not improve and it seemed to have gotten more painful for her.


So, off to the vet we go again. The Vet performed sedated radiographs (x-rays) of both of Lilo's front limbs, shoulder, and neck. The results of this tests showed signs suspicious for Bilateral ununited anconeal processes and left humeroulnar and radioulnar joint incongruity.

In more common terms, Lilo has changes in both his elbows and left wrist secondary to abnormal development of the underlying bony structures leading to her chronic lameness -- basically her joints are fitted properly.

Lilo Xrays

Lilo Xrays

Further investigation revealed that Lilo would require surgery. She has continued to suffer from severe pain, which is heartbreaking. We are currently doing all we can to help her.

FINALLY onto some good news....Lilo is scheduled for the first of two surgeries this Wednesday. Once she heals from the first surgery, we will schedule her second one.

The bad news (again) is that we are a volunteer only, nonprofit 501 (C)3 rescue group -- with very little reserves. MOST of our funding goes back to Puerto Rico so that Second Chance Animal Rescue of PR can continue to rescue dogs -- ship them here to find homes. Rinse/Repeat.

Despite lots of fundraising efforts, begging and pleading, we still need more....a lot more.

We can not thank our loyal supporters enough for the donations we have already received for Lilo. We are, however short by several thousand dollars. Her surgeries will likely cost around $10,000 when it's all said and done.

The estimate picture below is PER leg. She needs BOTH legs done.

Estimate Lilo

We have already spent nearly $2,000 just for imaging, evaluation, diagnosis, and pain management.

So, once again we are asking for your help, so that we can help Lilo live a pain-free, quality filled life like a little puppy should.

Please consider donating to Lilo. Your little Milford Dog Rescue Group will be forever grateful.


We have set-up several ways to collect funds for this surgery -- if you can not donate please share and help us spread awareness for this cause. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

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1 Comment

Laurie Gouley
Laurie Gouley
Nov 10, 2022

Lilo came out of surgery from the first leg and is doing very well thus far!

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