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Muzzle Shaming

Updated: Aug 21, 2021


I felt a strong need to write this today after a little run in with someone... I have a dog who is not very confident and has a lot of fear issues. Sometimes, he needs a muzzle.

There is a lot of "bad" associations with muzzles. There is no denying that when many people see a muzzled dog, their thoughts go to the Hannibal Lecter character...or they think the human is being cruel to the dog for 'making it wear a muzzle".

I'd like to help dispel those negative mental thoughts. Rather than vilifying muzzles, it's time to appreciate muzzles for all the good things they can do for our dogs.

They aren't always meant "for bad dogs". There are many reasons a dog may need to wear a muzzle.

As cute as our doggos are; the fact remains, that they ARE animals and their behavior can never be guaranteed.

Life is unpredictable. Things can happen. It's life.

Here’s just a few situations in which a dog might benefit from muzzle training:

1 -Emergency medical situations: a dog might experience an extremely painful injury. Dogs can bite as a response to pain.

2 -Regular vet visits: getting vaccinations, being poked & prodded, invasive procedures done by strangers. Dogs can bite when they are stressed or fearful.

3 - Disaster preparedness: a dog may need to be moved quickly by unfamiliar people or to an unfamiliar place.

4 - Used as tool in introducing another species to your dog; I.E. a cat.

Don't let others' opinions on muzzles stop you from making the best, most responsible choice for your dog. YOU are being a responsible dog owner and don't let anyone shame you or make you think otherwise.

Just remember: "What other people think of me is none of my business."

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