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Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Before and after X-rays of Denny's leg. You can see he is doing well with his beach ball cast! Isn't he just adorable??

Our Facebook page has a handy donate button if you would like to donate towards his vet bill and continued care for healing. 😍

#healingvibes to you Denny! We love you.

We appreciate all the support! Thank you Sato K-9 Rescue Warriors!


1:21 PM Thursday July 18

Great news Denny will be released tonight and is doing wonderful! The total balance came out to be $2257.20!

There may be additional costs in a few weeks...undetermined as of yet...but we are thrilled the cost was WAY LOWER than anticipated...

We almost raised enough for the full bill...we are SO grateful.

Thank you for your continued support!!!!


We heard word from Dr. Norris in regard to Denny and it sounds like surgery went well but it was certainly more complicated than anticipated.

They will keep Denny overnight until tomorrow evening.

It sounds like the Doctor was able to fully correct the luxating patella. His tibial fracture was a mess due to the length of time it had gone untreated, but it sounds like he was able to place three wires and a tension band that will allow him to function normally.

He will be in a bandage for the next three days, stitches will be out in two weeks, and checkup radio-graphs will be in 4 weeks and again in 8 weeks to assure everything is healing properly.

We will be getting the total cost broken down when we pick him up.

Thank you for all those who have shared and donated for Denny's surgery!


Remember Denny? We unfortunately had to place a hold on any adoption inquiries. He started limping shortly after coming here, so we had him checked out. Come to find out he had an old tibia fracture and a floating patella.

His surgery is going to cost us $4,000! We could certainly use some assistance in this area with some donations.

He will be going into surgery tomorrow. If you can not donate at this time we are asking that you please share our plea to help us spread the word.

Thank you so much for any donations, shares and prayers for our little guy, Denny!!

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