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Well, That's a Slap in the Face!

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Since taking on the role of Social Media Director with Sato Heart Rescue, I have been learning so much about what goes on behind the scenes at our parent company, Second Chance Animal Rescue of Puerto Rico. Which is where Sato Heart Rescue exclusively gets all our dogs from.

A lot of what I learn, I do not share on our Social Media platforms because it's too gruesome and heartbreaking.

I was recently asked by a friend of mine, "Why is the adoption fee $385 for a shelter dog?"

I replied, "Because it's costs a lot of money to care for them."

She then replied, "Like what? Dog food? Really how much could it possibly cost, it's not like you breed them or anything"

I didn't have an answer for her, so I asked and investigated and was shocked with my findings. I mean, I know it costs money, but the reality was a bit shocking.

As you all know, if you are a dog owner, it costs money to own a dog and it's not always cheap either, especially if you have a sick dog or they need surgery and medications.

My husband and I just recently, took our senior Great Dane for his annual, it cost me $608 for his exam, senior blood work, shot updates and preventative medication for heartworm, and flea and tick. OWIE!

Tank ~ 7 Year Old Great Dane

The average dog rescued from Bonnie, providing there are NO complications comes in roughly at about $434.52 per dog. PER DOG!

That includes the initial exam, the first round of shots (not including boosters), blood work, sterilization and health certification.

This does NOT include heartworm preventatives, flea and tick preventatives, food, housing and then airline shipment which can range depending on breed, size and distance. It roughly costs SCAR $475 per dog to ship. Again, PER DOG!

We are already at roughly $909.52 -- remember this does not include monthly preventatives like heartworm, flea and tick, 2 more booster shots; DHLLP and Heartworm, food and housing. FOR ONE DOG!

Cost for one dog at the vet

Now with extreme cases; take our dear sweet Lazzie love for example, if you haven't been following her story, she was hit by a car and left to die on the side of the road. She had two surgeries to correct her leg issues, medication, she will be spayed, and she will be getting all her shots up to date. We are currently at thousands of dollars for her care. This is just one dog.

Bonnie has over 140 dogs on her property currently right now in her care at SATOCITY.

As you can see in the video below a lot of the dogs in her care have special needs.

So, for numbers sake, lets say all these dogs are average and there is nothing medically wrong with them.

(which is NOT the case)

Many can never be adopted out because they are in such poor shape,physically and mentally. However, they get to live life on the sanctuary getting daily care, and love.

Which by the way, did you know you could sponsor a sanctuary pet?

So for numbers sake, just to make it easy, let's say these are all average, nothing wrong dogs...

The average dog cost without airfare.

$434.52 X's that by 140 dogs = $60,832.80

The average dog cost with airfare.

$909.52 X's that by 140 dogs = $127,332.80

Well, That's a Slap in the Face! OUCH! Reality just hit!

Sad Face

Those totals do NOT include, food, boosters, monthly preventatives, housing, electricity, septic pumping, water, employees or any extra medical care that they may need.

Another interesting fact; some of the dogs on the property have been there for 2+ years because they have not been able to find their forever homes. :(

So long story short, this is why our adoption fee is $385 for a 'shelter-dog'.

If you do the math, no one, by any means is getting rich from this gig and this is why we rely heavily on donation supporters like you.

This is why we hold fundraising events, and do T-shirt campaigns and are always asking for help.

Without people like you believing in our mission we could not continue our mission, which of course is to save ALL the doggos and give them a second chance at having a beautiful life.

Thank you for your time. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your love.

Consider rescuing a dog in need today!

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