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Sato Snowy Poem

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Oh little Sato dog who has never seen snow. ❄

Koda went to the door, looked out, and said “aw, hell no!”

He tucked his tail and ran away.

His mom made him go outside anyway. 🙄

Once outside he did the three-legged walk and looked annoyed.

Placing all four paws in this white stuff, Koda has not enjoyed. 🐾

He finally did his business and took a pee.

Only to come inside and bark at the snow covered tree. 😣

Oh, Koda, my silly little Sato boy.

Better get use to it, this is a New Hampshire joy. ❄️

Koda looked at me as if to say…

Don’t make me go out until it’s a warm & sunny day! ☀️


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