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Sato Heart Rescue, Milford, NH

Giving dogs a second chance!

Sato Heart Rescue of NH


The Sato Heart Rescue, of Milford, NH, is a small group of dedicated individuals in the Hillsborough County area who work exclusively with the Second Chance Animal Rescue, in Villalba, Puerto Rico, to find homes for Satos.  “Sato” (pronounced “saw-toe”) is Puerto Rican slang for street/stray dogs.

Satos come in all sizes, but they are mostly small to medium size dogs.  Upon arrival, many are initially shy.  However, once they realize that they are no longer in jeopardy, their true personalities surface as they settle-in and begin to relax.

We are a shelterless “foster home” rescue, so all dogs in our care are living with families in the area. This gives us an opportunity to understand their personality within a home environment, allowing us to best match them with the proper family.

Once a dog reaches our rescue, our foster home families and Director of Adoptions begin the search for a perfect match – a family who will give the pet a wonderful home.

While waiting for their forever home, our dogs receive the best of care.  Upon arrival in New Hampshire, all dogs are quarantined for 48 hours, after which time they are seen by a licensed veterinarian for a State of New Hampshire Health Certificate.  The dogs are then placed with a foster family as they await their forever home.

Red and Clara


Red and Clara_7510

 Just like a perfect pair of bookends! Clara and Red are 16 lb.,  8 month old Terrier/Min Pin mixes. They are very  bonded and we are hoping that someone will consider them  as a pair. Red is always looking out for his little sister and  has been the more serious one and even been known to back  away from his food dish if she wants it.They are very active  but settle nicely in the same crate. A fenced yard where they  can run and play together would be ideal and they would  make fantastic running/hiking partners. They play well with  other dogs, no signs of guarding or aggression. They are  people friendly, outgoing and curious. They are crate trained,  no accidents in the house. They are spayed/neutered, up to    date on vaccines and on heart worm preventative.

 We will offer a reduced adoption fee if taken as a pair. So, if  you have been thinking of two dogs that will totally amuse each other, these are the perfect two! Great pair of pups!