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We need your support...without it our dogs may have no tomorrow.

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Dear Friends:

We are SATO HEART RESCUE, a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization located in Milford that works exclusively with Second Chance Animal Rescue in Villalba, Puerto Rico. Founded in 2000 by Bonnie Lukas to rescue the island’s ailing, abused and abandoned street or “Sato” dogs, we transport many of them to NH and ultimately place them in loving adoptive homes.

We are staffed solely by unpaid volunteers and rely on a network of experienced foster homes to care for the dogs we save. Because we receive no funding other than the funds we raise ourselves, our continued survival and ongoing success depends on the generosity of donors like you.

All contributions are used for the dogs in our foster homes to cover their veterinary bills, socialization, training and overall upkeep while in their fosters’ care. A large portion of the funds we raise goes directly back to Bonnie at SCAR of PR.

Now, however, our existing resources have been so depleted that we find ourselves in desperate financial straits.

And so, we are reaching out to you, the community, and asking for your help.

Never have we been called upon to save so many with so few resources at our disposal.

The more funding we receive, the more innocent dogs’ lives can be saved, and the fewer of them will have to die alone and afraid on the streets of Puerto Rico.

Won’t YOU please help US so that we may continue to help THEM?

For further details on DONATIONS, please visit

On behalf of the needy we nurture, we thank you in advance for your generosity.

Sato Heart Rescue Team

Sato Heart Rescue Logo


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