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Border Collie

Foster Manual 


Thank you so much for your interest in fostering a dog with Sato Heart Rescue, in Milford, NH. By opening your home to these foster dogs, you’re not only helping to save lives, but you’re also providing the individual attention and love these dogs desperately need, want, and deserve until they are placed in a loving home that they can call their own.

Once you have completed your foster application online, our foster coordinator will get in touch with you to schedule a phone orientation, which we’ll go over this manual and answer any questions that you may have about our foster program.
Foster homes are asked to provide care for the dogs, as well as transportation to and from veterinary appointments as needed.  When a family is interested in meeting the dog, a mutually acceptable time and day will be chosen, and the foster volunteer would then bring the dog to the meet and greet destination. If the foster volunteer is not available for meet and greets, transportation of the foster dog will be arranged.

Care for foster dogs includes feeding according to size and needs, access to fresh, clean water, exercise according to energy levels, leash work and lots of play time and positive reinforcement. Socialization within the home with other family pets and family members is vital in molding these foster dogs into becoming a great family pet.

Although fostering is a lot of work, it is a very rewarding experience. By participating in this foster program, you are saving lives and helping many dogs find the families they’ve been yearning for. Through fostering, we can work together to give these wonderful dogs a second chance at a beautiful life.

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