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Sato Heart Rescue Dog

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​Sato Heart Rescue


The Sato Heart Rescue, of Milford, NH, is a small group of dedicated individuals in the Hillsborough County area who work exclusively with the Second Chance Animal Rescue, in Villalba, Puerto Rico, to find homes for Satos.

“Sato” (pronounced “saw-toe“) is Puerto Rican slang for street/stray dogs.

Satos come in all sizes, but they are mostly small to medium size dogs. Upon arrival, many are initially shy.

However, once they realize that they are no longer in jeopardy, their true personalities surface as they settle-in and begin to relax.

We try to expose the dogs to many volunteers during their time at the rescue house. This gives us an opportunity to understand their personality, allowing us to best match them with the proper family.

Once a dog reaches our rescue, our volunteers and Director of Adoptions begin the search for a perfect match – a family who will give the pet a wonderful home.

While waiting for their forever home, our dogs receive the best of care.  Upon arrival in New Hampshire, all dogs are quarantined for 48 hours, after which time they are seen by a licensed veterinarian for a State of New Hampshire Health Certificate.  The dogs are well cared for by our wonderful volunteers as they await their forever home.

All of Sato Heart Dogs come from SCARPR – Second Chance Animal Rescue of Puerto Rico.

SCARPR is Sato Heart Rescue parent company. Learn more here.

We find homes for dogs in New England Area Only.

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Sato Heart Rescue


Is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which is run exclusively by volunteers only.  We operate for charitable purposes, bring education and awareness to the issues of animal welfare & neglect whom reside on the island of Puerto Rico.​ Transporting dogs from PR to NH giving them a second chance at a beautiful life. 

Why Puerto Rico?

Second Chance Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was established in February of 2000.  We rescue, rehabilitate, and locate forever homes for abandoned and neglected dogs found on the streets of Puerto Rico.

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