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Brown Dogs

Volunteer Welcome Packet


We are a 100% volunteer organization bringing dogs from Puerto Rico, specifically we work with SCARPR (Second Chance Rescue of Puerto Rico).


Bonnie Lukas and her team, tirelessly work to rescue and care for a never-ending stream of abandoned, neglected and/or unwanted dogs on an island with few resources.

Sato Heart works with SCARPR to bring dogs to loving forever homes. Once in our care they are in quarantine for 48 hours, as directed by the State of NH. The next step is to be cleared by our veterinarian, then our adoption counselors begin the work of finding the perfect home.This process can take weeks or even longer. 

With each group we bring in, we need people to provide care and enrichment three times a day.  


Twenty-one shifts per week and ideally 3 volunteers each shift, that’s 63 opportunities in one week. Our volunteers are priceless!

There is also opportunity to volunteer at fundraising events.  A great way to connect with other volunteers and the community.  

Strategies For Shy Dogs

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