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A Year of Rescue Resolutions for YOU!

Have you thought of adding some new and different resolutions to your traditional New Year’s list?

Have you ever thought of getting involved in the world of animal rescue, but didn’t quite know how?

Here then, are twelve different ways – one for each month – for you to resolve to make a difference in the lives of rescue animals this year. Even if you choose only one, that choice will make all the difference in the world.

Contact a local dog rescue and ask to volunteer for them. Since volunteers form the backbone of every nonprofit organization, no group can function successfully without them. Some of the areas always in need of extra hands include reference checking, updating email lists, attending adoption events, planning and attending fundraisers, distributing flyers, pamphlets and brochures, and transportation.

Refer ONE canine-loving friend to the same rescue to volunteer alongside you.

Click onto the rescue’s web site and make a monetary contribution to them online either as a onetime payment or as recurring monthly payments.

Read about the various other ways you can help: from purchasing items for them from their ”wish lists” to regularly using the online “stores” featured on their site.

Follow their Face Book page, “like” them, “comment” and “share” their postings on a daily basis, and vote for them in every online competition.

Instead of accepting birthday gifts this year, ask your family and friends to make contributions to the rescue in your name.

Host a small fundraiser (bake sales, garage sales and yard sales are among the most popular) and donate the proceeds to them. You will receive not only their gratitude, but a tax receipt as well.

At your place of work, keep a container on your desk with the rescue’s name on it, and encourage your co-workers to deposit their spare change inside. Once the container is full, bring the change to the bank (already rolled, please), mail the rescue a check, and start again.

Sign petitions calling on your city to outlaw puppy mills and to ban the sale of dogs in all pet stores unless they’re from animal shelters, rescue groups or people surrendering them for free.

Turn your old car or truck into a tax-deductible contribution by donating it to the rescue.

Foster an available dog. Learn precisely what’s required, then welcome one very needy and deserving animal into your home temporarily until he or she can be placed in a permanent home.

Adopt a rescue dog and save two lives – the life of the one you’re adopting, and the life of the one who will immediately take his or her place.

As for next year? Either continue working your way down this list, or resolve to draw up one of you own.

- Nomi Berger

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