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Update from former Wynn Dog Rescue Adopter

I adopted a wonderful dog from Wynn about 7 years ago and I wish to let the Wynn folks know what a great match they made.  When I adopted my dog her name was Delilah but I renamed her Pearl.  She has turned out to be a real pearl, a true gem.


She’s a certified therapy dog and comes to work with me and has a following of people who adore her—a far cry from the life she had as an emaciated stray with heart worm and a broken pelvis. She is my best companion and lives a happy life.  So a great big thanks to the people who brought her to N.H. and matched her up with me.  And thank you for the work you do in saving the lives of dogs who deserve another chance.


10 years ago we began as Wynn Dog Rescue, later became Second Chance Sato Rescue and are now Sato Heart Rescue but our mission and our ties with SCAR in Puerto Rico have never changed!


Trouper’s Story

Author Meg Kearney has release a new booked titled “Trouper” about her sato Trouper.

From Meg Kearney’s website:

“In January 2005, the “real” Trouper was picked up running with a pack of stray dogs in the streets ofPonce,Puerto Rico. His back right leg was severely mangled—probably the result of a car accident. The dog catcher brought him to a “kill shelter.” There, the man who was supposed to put him down was moved deeply by this dog who—despite being in pain—was sweet, handsome, and good-tempered. The man called Bonnie Lukas, a woman who ran the local shelter. “This dog is too good to put down,” he said, and Bonnie came to rescue him. 

When Bonnie walked into the room, Trouper licked her hand, as if he knew she was there to save him. She brought him to her vet, who amputated the leg. By February, Trouper had been nursed back to health and was getting around quite well at Second Chance Recue, Bonnie’s shelter in Villalba. She listed him on her Web site as being available for adoption. Month after month, people passed him over. Until September of 2005, when Trouper found his home with me inNew Hampshire.

I felt a kinship with Trouper immediately when I saw his photo. I’m a big believer in rescuing animals, and when I moved to New Hampshire I started looking for a dog at local shelters. This was soon after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, and there were lots of dogs who needed homes, but most weren’t yet being released. So I tried PetFinder.com, which is how I found Trouper. It was an honest photo—showing his stump quite clearly—but that’s the not first thing I saw. First, I saw his face, and I knew he was “the one.” I emailed Second Chance Rescue, and Bonnie wrote back right away. She said she was so glad someone was finally interested in Trouper, as he was very special and she couldn’t understand why he hadn’t yet been adopted. And I thought, That’s because he was waiting for me.”


Please click here to learn more about Trouper’s story!


News From the Island

I received this from Bonnie who is the heart and soul of Second Chance Animal Rescue in Villalba Puerto Rico where our dogs come from. This woman deals with things that would make you sick, horrible situations and death on a daily basis. This brought tears to my eyes to know that as bad as it all is she can still be over the moon with joy at a happy ending for these dogs! 115 dogs already in her care and she’s thrilled to have saved one more little family. Please take the time to read this and see what a wonderful soul we are lucky enough to know and call friend.

Here’s her story……..

I received a call on Friday that a mother sato and her 4 pups were seen at a feeding station on Weds. She had been hit by a car.

Yesterday the phone call came in, they were trying to find her an pups – no sightings.

Yesterday morning at the rescue gate was a box with 3 pups just 5 weeks old.

Last night one pup passed away in the night.

This AM we called the people who are looking for the dog HBC (Hit By Car) and yes they had found her. She was now brought to the rescue. The people said they hadn’t seen the pups for several days.The woman who brought the mother dog to me pulls out her cell phone and shows me some pics of the pups. I said please come in and take a look at these pups that were left in a cardboard box yesterday morning. Well, she says, they look like her pups!

Then we decided to see if the pups say that this is their mom.

And YES!! the pups and mom are a family again!

In 14 years I’ve never had this magical reunion happen before.

We are treating her left foreleg with antibiotics and Aloe Vera wrap ( wet-dry )

This will take along time for the tissue to granulate, but we will work our magic here.



She’s so sweet – friendly -happy!

I still can’t get over this rescue!

Honey sends a letter to her foster mom…

Hi Billie,

I wanted to say hello to you, since it’s been a month since we said goodbye.  I figured you might be thinking of me today and wondering how I’m doing????

I know I scared everyone when I ran off last month, but I was just really confused and scared and NOW that I know I’m home I’m doing really really good.

Since you saw me last I’ve learned lots of things, first of which is my name.  I also learned how to “sit”.  I do not want to learn the word “come” because I’m still pretty scared of things and when I hear that word I don’t always know what I am coming too.  If I see “Mom” and she’s crouched down I know it’s ok, but I am still unsure of many things.  Mom and the whole family are going with me next week when we start “school” and she’s says I will learn it’s ok to come when I’m called.  We’ll see… I have a bit of a stubborn side so I might need convincing. ;-)

Below is a snapshot of my life now… Mom NEVER puts the camera away so I let her take photos, it seems to make her happy.

I love my boys… Dillon plays with me and always seems to smell of food and I like to lick him.  He tastes like Cheez its which I happen to LOVE stealing from him. :-)

In the mornings I am the most affectionate.  I sleep in my own bed and really like it.  I am so quiet and wait until my family wakes up and when they do… WATCH OUT!  I wag my tail, lick them like there is no tomorrow, paw their feet and hands and then I give them my belly. It’s the only time of day I do this.  I  like to humor them and start them out with smiles.  I figure why let them depend on coffee to wake them up.  A cute puppy works better and doesn’t give anyone the jitters.

I know I slept in your bed… but I’m really happy sleeping on my own.  Don’t I look precious with my teddy? Too bad I ate his face off the very next day.  :-)

My favorite spot in the whole house is sleeping at the top of the stairs.  It makes me feel safe. I can see everything that’s going on, hear all the sounds from a safe distance and if I’m curious I can come down, and if I’m scared I can go up. It’s perfect.  I also can see out the front door window and spot anything that needs a good barking at.

This is Jack… He might be my favorite human next to Mom.  He spends so much time with me playing and loving me.  He takes me for short walks and always has time for me.  I also like that when he’s having a snack, he sneaks me treats when Mom isn’t looking.  The crumbs on my face always give it away.  Did I mention cheesy crackers were my favorite?

OK… now the big fun begins.  Mom takes me for nature hikes EVERYDAY!!!!!  I love them so much!  I sniff and sniff and my tail goes WAY UP to the sky.  I am a leaper when I am happy and I leap like a deer when I’m in the woods. (Mom says she needs to get me an orange vest for safety)

I am not afraid at all in the woods and I am very confident.  …I have BIG news so keep on reading.

YES that’s right that’ me at a soccer game… with LOTS of people and a moving ball!!!! Can you believe it?  Mom says I won’t get brave if I don’t go to games. (I love car rides too so at least I get that before I go on the field)  I HATE walking across the field to my spot, and sometimes Dad carries me, but once I’m there I cheer on my boys and I don’t even need to sit on Mom and Dad’s lap.  I don’t like when when people come up to me to tell me I’m cute (I know that already), but I love to see other dogs and meet them.  I even like meeting other dogs parents if they crouch down and don’t insist on me liking them.  Mom and Dad protect me and tell people I’m just learning so at least I’m not forced to let everyone love me, I am very particular don’t you know?

Mom has play dates for me all the time. Eva comes over a few times a week and when it was raining the other day Eva came over for the whole day.  We did fun things like indoor hide and seek (Mom taught us) and then we looked at the window and barked at things.  I didn’t bark for the first few weeks but I now know that since I have a voice I can use it.  Eva showed me that it’s fun to bark at animals that walk by.  OK now even bigger news… are you ready?… hold on to your seat!

YES THAT’s Me OFF LEASH!  Don’t be scared Mom is very careful.  I only am allowed to do it when she’s hiking with Eva or if Dad and Mom are with me on safe paths.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE being off leash and I know that I have to prove I can handle it.  I am not allowed to do this in our yard yet… but in the woods I am so good.  I stay close and if I get distracted Mom just whistles and I run right to her…showing her I can handle it.   My favorite walks are with Eva because she shows me all sorts of fun things… like running in the mud, chasing chipmunks and we each try to be in front.   I walk between 2-4 miles a day and I am learning all the different paths in the woods.

Here Eva and I are at one of the trail heads… good thing we are so smart because Mom has a terrible sense of direction.

Eva can get me to try things I would be too scared to try by myself.  Mom tried to get me on the docks for the last two weeks… I just didn’t want to do it but today Eva showed me there is nothing to be scared of.

I even went on my first swim today.  Mom says I need to get in touch with my “inner” lab, but I don’t like the water too much.

Here I am with Dad on the front porch.  He’s pretty special.  He is a lot of fun and he plays with me the most.  Mom says that he’s wrapped around my little paw… but I don’t know what that means.  If it means he will do anything I want… well that is true!  He travels a lot and when he’s gone I have a hard time settling down at night. I keep looking for him but he’s not there.  When he comes back It takes me a little while to warm up… but each time I know it will take me less time.  I just miss him when he’s gone and I get a little confused.

Mom says I’ll figure out the routine and it won’t be so hard each time.

One last photo… do you recognize this handsome guy?  Tonito was adopted by a family that used to live by Mom, so she arranged a play date and we were sooooo excited.  We totally remembered each other and we played and played.  We licked each other so much that we were wet by the time Tony left.  I was so happy. Mom says I’ll see Tony more and that makes me want to chew something. :-)

So that’s it… I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of what my life is like now.  In one month I’ve learned a lot and I’ve relaxed enough to be loved and love back. Mom says this is just the beginning.

Below is something from Mom… she found it and thought of you.

Hope you are well… xoxoxo HONEY

– Author Unknown

There I sat, alone and afraid,
You got a call and came right to my aid.
You bundled me up with blankets and love.
And, when I needed it most, you gave me a hug.
I learned that the world was not all that scary and cold.
That sometimes there is someone to have and to hold.
You taught me what love is, you helped me to mend.
You loved me and healed me and became my first friend.
And just when I thought you’d done all you could do,
There came along not one new lesson, but two.
First you said, “Sweetheart, you’re ready to go.
I’ve done all I can, and you’ve learned all I know.”
Then you bundled me up with a blanket and a kiss.
Along came a new family, they even have kids!
They took me to their home, forever to stay.
At first I thought you sent me away.
Then that second lesson became perfectly clear.
No matter how far, you will always be near.
And so, Foster Mom, you know I’ve moved on.
I have a new home, with toys and a lawn.
But I’ll never forget what I learned that first day.
You never really give your fosters away.
You gave me these thoughts to remember you by.
We may never meet again, and now I know why.
You’ll remember I lived with you for a time.
I may not be yours, but you’ll always be mine.